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Khrys Kantarze, BS, MA

Writing to ensure a message is received by employees and customers is vital to the success of today’s organizations. Moving from uninformative subject lines and long paragraphs is essential to ensuring your audience receives your message/narrative accurately.

What most of us were taught in school is no longer effective in communicating in today’s fast-paced workplace environment. Vital information is often skipped over or lost in the body of the text. Learn how to structure your letters, memo’s and emails so your message reaches everyone including the skim-reader and the detailed reader. This seminar ensures you come away with something worthwhile and easily incorporated. The exercises are useful and meaningful to your professional development.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Write effective “subject” lines
  2. Meet the different needs of the recipients of written communication
  3. Write to ensure vital information is received and not skimmed through
This session is designed as a workshop. Participants will work in teams and individually to develop new powerful techniques to convey written messages more effective and accurately.

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