Maun Lemke Maun Lemke Maun Lemke

Senior level human resource executive with successful experience in all aspects of human resources. Areas of expertise include; adult education and learning, labor relations, compensation and benefits, recruiting including foreign recruiting, workplace diversity, employee relations and leadership development.

  • Create and deliver effective and relevant training programs in a variety of management, administrative, and service disciplines.
  • Develop innovative compensation and benefit programs with cost benefit industry analysis.
  • Provide management consulting services to help identify and resolve employee related operational problems.
  • Develop and coach new and senior level executives creating a partnership to achieve or exceed operations goals and objectives.
  • Lead a team of clinical professionals in developing training and continuing education programs for healthcare professionals throughout five states.

  • Developed and implemented innovative recruiting programs to include foreign market recruiting which resulted in faster fill rates.
  • Achieved an average retention rating of over 75% consistently for a 5 year period in a highly competitive healthcare setting.
  • Eliminated EEO claims, company wide, throughout tenure, through innovative communication, training and effective partnering with operations managers at all levels.
  • Developed an effective and innovative diversity program in North Miami expanding it to 17 locations throughout South Florida.
  • Developed a multi-state continuing education conference for over 800 participants.
  • Improved employee satisfaction by creating a supportive, pro-active work environment.
  • Developed administrator-in-training and regional-in training leadership programs which successfully produced new managers for skilled nursing facilities and therapy operations.
  • Assumed interim management of skilled nursing facilities to resolve operational problems.
  • Presented leadership/management training programs throughout 5 states for various Nursing Home Associations and business owners.

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