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Consider the time the keynote speaker bombed. Did you ever hear the end of it? But when the speaker got the group excited about the meeting, or sent everyone home with a new commitment to professionalism - didn't you hear about that for months to come as well? The experiences that cause us to learn stay with us far longer than the memory of a good theme, a fabulous meal or fancy decor.

Since 1984, Maun-Lemke has specialized in innovative ideas and proven techniques to improve the "people business" of healthcare. Our areas of expertise are healthcare improvement programs which are focused on the 3 "C's":

  • Customers
    To find, keep and delight great customers
  • Co-workers
    To find, keep and delight great staff
  • Collaboration
    The human connectivity issues related to Customers and Co-workers
Maun Lemke is recognized as the "Information Resource for Healthcare" specializing in staff retention/recruitment - turf/team issues - mergers - marketing - customer service excellence - quality - leadership - strategy - change. Maun Lemke's speaking topics can be tailored as keynotes, 2-4 hour in-depth programs or full-day workshops.

Recognizing your needs and fulfilling them is Maun Lemke's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our standard and customized programs are designed to build lasting relationships with our valued clients. If you'd like to explore developing a consulting relationship with us, please email us at or call Kathy Cain, Vice President at 800-356-2233.

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