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Particularly in service organizations, profitability and productivity can in no way approach even near their maximum potential if the sense of team is weak. Therefore, it is the purpose of this consulting assignment to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team as it currently functions, then from that foundation of understanding, build a strong, cohesive team.

By the time this consulting assignment is concluded, it is expected that the company will:
  1. Substantially eliminate any weaknesses discovered in the team environment
  2. Thoroughly understand the natural strengths and weaknesses of each team member
  3. Be able to use a standard set of personality-based terminology when discussing behaviors
  4. Enjoy increased productivity through better communications and more positive interpersonal relationships
  5. Work from a mutually agreed-upon set of goals and objectives
  6. Be positioned to capture increased market share
  7. Achieve higher profit margins, as well as improved quality
Consulting Approach:
In order to achieve success in this consulting assignment, the following tools and steps will be utilized:
  1. Tools
    • A team climate survey
    • Team climate workbook
    • The dynamic group process problem identification and solution system
    • Personality assessment survey
    • Personality assessment workbook
    • a meeting room with plenty of open wall space
    • a good flipchart stand with sticky note chart paper
    • a supply of sticky notes, 3" x 4" size, in a variety of colors
    • flipchart pens in a variety of colors
    • PowerPoint slide projector with remote control
  2. Members of the team will take the personality assessment survey prior to the consultantís visit
  3. Members of the team will complete the team climate survey prior to the consultantís visit
  4. A series of small focus groups will be held with staff members who are not part of the team to solicit feedback and an observerís perspective on the team environment as seen from the outside by individuals directly impacted by team decisions and actions
  5. Based on the results of the individual and team personality assessment, team members will be led in a self-discovery session for better understanding of their individual personality styles, how they come across to others and how the team functions as a group of unique individuals
  6. Results of the team climate survey and the focus group feedback sessions will be shared with team members for purposes of issue clarification
  7. Specific action plans, both individual and team, will be developed by the team members to address any issues raised
Time Commitment and Costs:
In order to adequately complete this assignment the following is needed:
  1. On-site consultant time: 3 to 5 days depending on size of the team
  2. Off-site consultant time: 2 days to process surveys and prepare customized workbooks
  3. The cost to purchase the customized personality assessment workbooks is $40 per workbook. Any  other materials can be downloaded and printed on-site by the client
  4. Consultant will be available for teleconference calls as needed at no additional charge for up to 60 days after the assignment is completed

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