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I have had or been part of at least 5 occasions where Dale has been the lead presenter or part of an ensemble of speakers. Dale has a very strong presentation style that brings content, along with wit and value each time. Dale has a very high level of experience in working with Seniors that brings validity and respect to the audience as he presents. His recent speaking engagement with my Regional Area brought a group of residents to speak on their life experiences and Dale served as the moderator. He did an outstanding job of summarizing the content and bringing it together in a way that all people can relate to. In fact, I continue to hear about the presentation from our managers, many months afterward. When Sodexo looks to clients for speakers, Dale is the first name to be put on the list every time.

Personally, I appreciate Dale's ability to reach audiences of all ages and levels of experience in a way that motivates and drives future action. Being an effective speaker is not an easy job, but Dale makes it look effortless. I would advocate using Dale to speak to groups from many different industries as well.

Todd J Andrews, Vice President of Operations
Sodexo Senior Services

Dale is an inspiration, a mentor, and the type of transformational leader that you want on your team.

Mr. Lind has been an outstanding presenter for many FAHSA events, including the annual convention, workshops, and most recently, four regional meetings. In addition, he facilitated the last regional meeting at this facility. Mr. Lind is an eloquent presenter who people respect can relate. His witty personality turns a crowded room full of people into a great place to be, in a matter of minutes.

Maun Lemke is very fortunate to have a presenter like Dale Lind on their team. He is knowledgeable and has many years of experience in health care and human resources. Dale enjoys being around groups of people and adapts to his situation easily. His enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Dale serves on several of our board committees including Professional Development and the Leadership Task Force. His experience and suggestions have helped the committee tremendously.

Gail Matillo, Director of Housing and Education
Florida Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

March 25, 2010

I would like to recommend Dale Lind as a speaker for your organization. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Dale’s seminars over the past few years, and I can say that Dale’s presentations are always on point. He has a true talent for knowing his audience and his style is always well received. 

This past year, I asked Dale to present to my staff during Safety Week. Several years ago, I attended a presentation by him on safety and risk management that has stuck with me. I wanted my staff to hear the same information, and I knew Dale’s talk would have the same affect that it had on me. I am happy to say that his presentation delivered as I knew it would. My staff had nothing but glowing comments about Dale’s presentation. They remarked that they hoped we would have him back next year. They also noted that they wished more presenters could be as interesting as Dale. The best outcome, however, is that they now take ownership of safety. If they see something on the floor, they pick it up and don’t leave it for someone else.

Dale is a gifted speaker who knows his material. He is a great story-teller and chooses illustrations that his audience can relate to. As many times as I have heard him speak, I always walk away with new knowledge and the feeling that my time was well spent. He is well versed on numerous topics that can be applied across business and health care, and the value of his presentations can not be understated.

Diane I. Marcello, M.S., M.Ed., Administrator
Sunnyside Health Services

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