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Clint Maun, CSP

Maun-Lemke's consulting priority would be to increase the premium occupancy (revenue base in your organization); we would work with you to enhance Medicare and Managed Care programs through a 12-week team-based process.

This overall revenue improvement process in the facility would need to address necessary components customized to the facility which include:
  1. Synchronization of Medicare to other marketing opportunities.
  2. The design or redesign of nursing unit practice models to ensure success for delivery.
  3. A plan for repositioning the organization to accommodate growth and new Medicare business (bed management).
  4. The necessary training that would need to occur for managers to handle a growth-oriented, distinct Medicare business.  
  5. The current and needed method for marketing to hospitals, including the use of an outside nurse screener process.
  6. The review of the units, which can be utilized for transactional care expansion.
  7. A review of any process associated with Part B Medicare reimbursement and how we go about capturing that opportunity.
  8. The review of current successes and needed improvements in capturing data for Medicare reimbursement.
  9. A review and assessment of the labor force needed for hours per patient/day to use on the affected Medicare units and a review of therapy staff productivity.
  10. Determining the overall community impact of public relations and image enhancement that are necessary to set in motion the new Medicare business model.                                                          
  11. An ongoing effort to look at the admissions processing methodology to ensure an effective and efficient process for the hospitals to deal with on the admission effort.
  12. The ability to handle the sales process including phones, tours and family involvement.
  13. Any necessary improvements in clinical and fulfillment processes that affect the ability to showcase a Medicare business.
  14. The review of the current accounting method to ensure that there is an appropriate understanding of the profit margin associated with the Medicare business.
  15. An evaluation and implementation plan for dealing with physician involvement in our growth program for Medicare (this includes our current Medical Director capability).
  16. A look at strategic market opportunities for alliances with not only Medicare but also managed care entities.
  17. An ongoing effort to intensify internal morale and the positive image surrounding this new program opportunity.
  18. Removing any other hoops, barriers, and obstacles that get in the way of securing this opportunity for Medicare growth.
With these goals in mind, Maun-Lemke works with organizations to develop a 12-week team-based process on revenue enhancement. A “Super Team” of 10 to 12 hand-picked individuals would be created and utilized in driving this effort. There would need to be a chairperson of the team, normally the Administrator, and the Director of Nursing would also need to be on the team. Our relationship would begin with a specific set of conferences between your team and Maun-Lemke to discuss the nature of the team, how to start the effort, who will lead the process and what kind of pre-work is required before the initial 2-day consulting implementation. The process of using a 12-week planning approach allows for rapid action and accountability shared by a number of individuals.  It also drives the initiative into the organization farther that just “top down”. The overall progress of success against goals would be the measurement of our effort in assisting you in this initiative.

Naturally, all these things can’t be accomplished in the first 12-week Plan, but this is a starting list to prioritize and assess what the teams can accomplish in the first 12 weeks, and transition into future plans. Our assistance includes live visits for training, meeting with the sub-teams and the “Super Teams”, project manual, review of the weekly reports with feedback, phone conferences, and linking up with other organizations for leading-edge practice ideas that can be incorporated within your organization. We would have specific consultation meetings with Corporate and other key leaders to discuss the overall initiative with ongoing efforts to tweak and change the plan as appropriate to meet the goals of the overall effort.  

Clint Maun and another Maun-Lemke Senior Consultant would “kick-start” the project with a 2-day onsite training/coaching meeting with the “Super Team”. The goal of that meeting would be to design the overall skeletal components of the initial 12-week Plans. This would include forming appropriate sub-teams that would report to the “Super Teams” in the implementation of specific components of the action plans. The process would then be completed by the teams over the following 3 to 4 weeks, when the final plans are then signed by all team members and presented to Corporate for approval. The plans would contain what is going to happen each week for 12 weeks, who’s responsible for each effort and how the overall process would be measured from a goal standpoint.  

Any assessments or reviews, historical processes, and diagnostic decisions would be made by the teams to move the plans forward. Clint Maun and the other senior consultant would return for multiple visits to assist the teams in this process. In addition, the teams would submit weekly reports to us and to Corporate so that there is accountability for ongoing progress reporting.

Our consulting projects and speaking assignments come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. That simply means that we are committed to your success; if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, we will continue to work with you to achieve satisfaction or you can cancel our agreement with no further payment obligations. We ask that you and your teams partner with us and insure there is satisfaction. This begins with telling everyone and reinforcing throughout the year that this is of the highest priority for the organization.

We would continue over 6 to 9 months to assist with two 12-week Plans with transition into the 3rd 12-week Plan. This sets in motion an ongoing effort for revenue enhancement in your organization that continues beyond the consultants. We need to make sure this is fun, invigorating, a morale boost and an opportunity for the organization to realize its appropriate revenue goals.

If you’d like more information as to how Maun-Lemke can help you increase revenue, call Kathy Cain, VP 800-356-2233.

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