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Greg Efta

Creating a desire to purchase is the foundation for every sales event. The ability of the sales agent to create that desire, however, varies greatly. Why do some people seem to have a natural ability to connect with their customers and create that desire, while others seem to struggle? Are sales leaders made or born? Can an individual learn the secrets to sales success? These questions can all be answered by understanding two critical factors; what are the natural strengths the sales person brings to the event, and what are the natural personality needs of the customer. This program will help the participants identify those two critical factors, and, in turn, answer the above questions.

  • Understand the four factors of human personality
  • Identify their own unique personality characteristics
  • Learn how each personality factor interacts with the others
  • Develop the ability to quickly identify each customer's unique personality characteristics and needs
  • Apply the simple personality principles to each sales interaction.
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the sales process
    1. Identifying the key players
    2. Understanding the role "marketing" plays in the creating expectations
    3. Developing a 'needs-based' relationship
  3. The Life Situations Response Survey
    1. Identifying your own unique style
    2. Understanding your 'customer'
    3. The 'Situational Sales Scenario'
      1. Mirroring your prospect
      2. Customizing your sales approach
      3. Developing a 'tour' process based on identified needs
      4. Power Closing
  4. Questions/Conclusion
This presentation is appropriate for marketing, sales and admissions staff as well as their supervisors or managers. Any person who is involved in the marketing process, tours and/or planning should attend.

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