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Greg Efta

Does it seem that most of your time is spent bogged down in the swamp, surrounded by alligators? In today's health care world, it seems that more time is spent paddling upstream, trying to avoid the alligators, than floating leisurely downstream on a raft. Five simple lessons Greg learned from "Bubba" about hunting 'gators will dramatically change your landscape. From building alliances to creating customer service excellence, this program will provide simple, straightforward tips and ideas for maximizing your business opportunities and creating resident/patient/family trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

This program will explore methods to:
  • Increase your market share by identifying targets based on your strengths.
  • Build alliances to maximize productivity.
  • Break down long term and medium term goals into digestible bites based on a proven model of successive 12 week plans.
  • Equip your team for success.
  • Discover the all important customer excellence concepts which will dramatically increase your satisfaction scores.
This 90 minute session is packed with stories, examples and simple tips that can be implemented quickly and easily in virtually any health care environment. Based on nearly 20 years of research and implementation, the concepts are solidly based in reality, not theory. If you've missed ONE opportunity this year to capture business, hit your targets or satisfy a customer, you won't want to miss this session!

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