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Donna incorporates motivation with her wellness and nutrition programs. Motivational talk for your Nutritional walk. The topics for nutrition are endless! Eating healthy is choice and it is not "one size fits all." A healthy eating lifestyle should be fun at any age!

Her approach to nutrition is not what NOT to eat, but what to eat, by emphasizing the do's of eating rather than the don'ts. Eating well is important at any age. Needless to say, proper nutrition for the elderly is a matter of life and death.

Proper nutrition is especially important because seniors often have a reduced appetite. (This can be due to a variety of causes including depression, prescription drug interactions and side effects, etc.) Other seniors prepare meals that are quick and easy instead of taking time to prepare well-balanced meals. As a result, many older people do not eat enough of the right foods to maintain their normal body weight, or produce the energy they need to perform their normal activities of daily living without becoming exhausted.

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