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Khrys combines her love of people, gift of teaching, the knowledge of human behavior and the intuitive and subconscious mind, with a sense of humor to create unique learning experiences for her clients and audiences.

With over 20 years of experience as a successful healthcare/human resource executive, combined with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Healing and certification in Hypnotherapy, she has the proven ability to help you identify and achieve your goals. Khrys has conducted thousands of one-on-one interviews with all levels of healthcare staff, from maintenance workers to top level executives, giving her a solid understanding of human behavior, motivation and productivity.

As a Nursing Home Administrator and human resource professional, she has developed winning improvement techniques that are easy and effective in "the real world". 

Khrys' warm, dynamic, entertaining and compelling teaching style will inspire leaders of all levels and influence their effectiveness in leading their organization and people to achieve excellence.

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