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Donna Manring DTR

CMS is strongly encouraging facilities to initiate training programs and develop new policy and procedures NOW! Be informed - there are many changes from MDS 2.0 to the new MDS 3.0. MDS 3.0 is not a revision of MDS 2.0. This is an entirely new document that will impact the whole interdisciplinary team. Facilities that do not comply with the new required assessments, coding and reporting dates are at risk for penalties and reimbursement. All team members must be trained, and organizations will need a plan for implementation.

MDS 3.0 has been redesigned to improve the reliability, accuracy and usefulness of the MDS, and will include the resident in their assessment process and utilize standard protocols. These improvements have profound implications for skilled care facilities and public policy. Its content has implications for residents, families, providers, researchers, and policymakers.

There are many changes in the nutrition section of the MDS, including dramatic changes for coding for mechanically altered diets. Examples:
  • Do you code a pureed or mechanically altered texture as a therapeutic diet?
  • What has changed in calculating and coding weight loss?
  • Should internal formulas be coded as mechanically altered?
  • How is hydration calculated and coded on the MDS?
  • What is the look back time that facilities will be required to use?
At the completion of this program, the attendees will be able to:
  1. Develop systems and procedures that comply with specific CMS requirements for assessments and coding
  2. Outline required resident interview techniques that will be surveyed by CMS
  3. Develop and implement resident-based systems to ensure high quality assessments
  4. Identify coding elements related to nutrition, hydration, swallowing and weight loss
  5. Identify resources for successful development and implementation of MDS 3.0.
Get the answers to these questions and more. We will use the actual CMS training tools with which the surveyors were trained. This session will incorporate lecture, case study, examples, group discussion and question/answer.

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