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Donna Manring

Tired of being told how to be a great manager? Are you bored with basic customer service training? Could the # 1 reason for employee turnover be related to ineffective leadership? Is your team achieving results-driven outcomes or does it have an entirely different focus?

Transform your thinking on leadership/management. Everyone on your team can be a leader; and by training everyone on your team to lead, you will see positive outcomes. You can propel your team toward long-lasting success!

This is not merely a rah-rah session. Come prepared to be inspired and return to your organization with an action plan that works!


At the completion of this presentation, the participants will be able to:

  1. Have a clear understanding of what it takes for long-lasting behavioral changes.
  2. Implement transformational ideas and principles to develop a team of confident leaders that support each other and encourage long term relationships.
  3. Instill the necessary strategies to heighten leadership skills and energy; inspire teams to take action.
  4. Build an effective and accountable leadership team and keep it that way.

WARNING: This is a high-energy session and you will need to come prepared to be energized and inspired to make a transformation in your leadership perspective.

This program incorporates interactive group activities, facilitated group discussion and role playing. Attendees will receive customer service tracking and performance tools. (Remember:  customer service is internal, too!) This is a great session to encourage your team members to attend with you.

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