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Currently Popular Programs

Below are some of Cherylís most popular programs:

Finders/Keepers: Involving the Front-Line in Recruitment and Retention of Staff
-Learn Strength-Based Recruitment techniques

Outcome Data:

Donít keep your good news a secret!

Safe Transition Planning for New Admissions:
Experts Driving Outcomes

The A.R.M.S. Length Difference
-What it Takes to Succeed as the Post-Acute Provider of Choice

The Rules of 3: Creating a Great First Impression
-Ensure your customers get started with the best foot forward

Wipe Out Readmissions to the Hospital
-The Partnership where Everyone Wins

Cheryl also has many Clinical and People-based programs available as well. See below:

Clinical Programs

-What you don't know hurts!

-Try it, you won't like it

Perfecting your Pressure Ulcer System
-Stay "on top" of Compliance

-Mock it up for success

**Also available as a Consulting Program (See Flyer for more information )

People Programs

The Administrator and Director of Nursing
-"Daring to be Great Business Partners!"

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of Nursing Burnout
-Improving Career Longevity for Nurses

Delegate for Team Based Motivation & Results
-"How not to do the job everyone thinks you should be doing."

Developing and Maintaining a Customer Base
-The Review of Key Systems to Support Census Stability

Director of Nursing Service Leading the Day
-Learn to be a Master Leader

Eliminate "It's Not My Job" from Your Team's Vocabulary
-Accountability is everyone's job

Evenings and Weekends: Integral Times Within 24/7
-How to make sure every minute counts

"Get Centered"
-How to Remain Focused on those we serve

Leading the Journey
-Leadership for Senior Service Professionals

Marketing is Everyoneís Job!
-Put team-based marketing to work for you!

Nurses Leading the Day
-Learn to be a Master Leader

Taking on "Trauma Queens and Time Wasters"
-Create an Effective Workplace Environment

For more information, contact Kathy Cain at 800-356-2233.

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