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Cheryl Boldt is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator with over 40 enjoyable years of experience in frontline and leadership roles in healthcare.

Cheryl started as a Red Cross Volunteer, became a CNA and then a Charge Nurse. Throughout her career she had the opportunity to be an Acute Rehab Nurse, a Skilled Nursing Facility Director of Nursing, a Sub-Acute Administrator, and a Long Term Care Multi-Facility Consultant and Supervisor of Consultants.

For the last several years, Cheryl has worked with Maun-Lemke as a consultant and speaker and has expertise in a variety of areas including Nursing Leadership, Revenue Enhancement, Quality Improvement, and Employee Retention.

Cheryl has a proven track record of working with front-line teams nationwide in a variety of healthcare settings to help those teams achieve their organizational improvement goals.

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