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It is a common quick solution to add a supplement when residents lose significant weight. Supplements have their place, however they are costly and sometimes not well received or consumed by the resident. The risk of boredom with using the same supplements is prevalent. There are other effective ways to add calories to foods without increasing volume. Residents with multiple problems are at risk for continued significant weight loss and complications from malnutrition. Every bite counts, There are many causes for weight loss that we cannot control. This being said, there are causes/conditions that can be improved upon. Liberalized diets are being studied and implemented when appropriate. To reduce the already noted risk of weight loss the team approach is very effective. All disciplines need to be involved in developing the plan and monitoring acceptance. The American Dietetic Association has proven approaches in addressing weight concerns. This session will include:
  • Combining team approach to weight programs strategies
  • Assessment tools
  • Identifying foods the resident will accept
  • Easy ways to bump up calories in menu items
  • Monitoring systems
  • Survey process and reviews that will work for you and your residents
  • Intake recording procedures
Improvement in the ability to maintain acceptable weight and nutritional parameters for residents will improve quality of life leading to happier healthy residents.


  1. Develop assessment tools to evaluate resident satisfaction with meal service effecting intakes and weights
  2. Identify and apply strategies in using the team approach to dining and weight issues
  3. Apply at least seven methods to evaluate the efficiency of your dining programs and their outcome

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