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Donna Manring

Over 50% of flu type illnesses are caused by food borne bacteria or food poisoning. Often we think of food poisoning happening only in the kitchen, but there are many opportunities for food contaminations to occur beyond the kitchen door. Food safety begins in the kitchen and continues throughout the facility until the food is actually consumed by the resident. This means the entire facility is responsible for safe food handling. Cross contamination can happen many places between preparations to point of delivery. Instruction on safe food handling is essential for all departments.

Whether it is a healthcare facility, a business or your own kitchen, discover how to keep food safe for your facility or family. Food safety in-services can be fun, not stuffy and boring, Get everyone on board to keep food safe in your facility. This session can be combined with sanitation survey tips. Where is one of the first places a surveyor looks to see if coolers are in compliance? The answer to this question and other sanitation flags you will not want waving to a surveyor are included in this session.


At the completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  1. Identify, define and list critical control points for food handling to, eliminate risks of food poisoning, nutrient loss and decreased consumption.
  2. Incorporate proven food safety techniques into facility policy and procedures, and implement techniques for improving the nutritional status of residents while ensuring safe food practices.
  3. Develop training with risk analysis tracking to effectively teach/instruct food safety practices to all departments from point of preparation to point to of delivery.
Donna will use lecture, power point (if LCD available), handouts, group activities, role-play and question/answer.

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