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Khrys Kantarze can assess your work environment to identify the root cause high turnover and develop a customized plan specific to your facility.

2 Day Process:
Day 1
Khrys will assess the causative factors through:
  • Confidential one-on-one interviews with key personnel (11pm-7am shift may be added for an additional fee)
  • Small group employee meetings
  • Personnel record review
Day 2
Khrys will work with the Leadership Team to develop a customized plan to implement a proven integrated approach which includes facets of:
  • Recruitment
  • Communication systems
  • Recognition (daily and specialized programs)
  • Orientation
  • Leadership/Management development
  • Celebration
Add an additional day for Leadership Training based on your specific facility’s needs:
  • Half-day Leadership training for managers
  • One hour seminar for charge nurses

Review Khrys Kantarze’s Biography and References.

For information contact Kathy Cain at 800-356-2233.

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