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Dale Lind

All organizations have an idea what services and products they want to deliver. Unfortunately, with the focus on what is to be delivered, often little or no time is spent planning how the services and products are delivered. Many processes continue to exist for no better reason than “That is the way we’ve always done it.”  A process analysis program helps organizations identify what it is that they deliver in the form of services and or products, and provides an analysis of the steps in each delivery process. The outcomes of this initiative will be increased efficiency, enhanced service excellence and greater profits.

At the completion of this analysis, the organization will:
  1. Understand exactly what it is that each analyzed operating unit and or department produces
  2. Identify the steps in the service and or product delivery process
  3. Consolidate and/or eliminate unnecessary steps
  4. Implement accurate and efficient processes
  5. Increase both quality and profitability
  6. Position the organization to acquire greater market share
  7. Improve employee morale and productivity
  8. Significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
To begin the process:
  1. The organization will identify one or more processes to be analyzed
  2. A process analysis committee composed of members of the department to be studied and several key users of the departments being studied is appointed
  3. Consultant will meet with the process committee and using the principles of group dynamics identify what each department delivers and the steps in the delivery process
  4. Shortcomings and opportunities for improved efficiency will be identified
  5. Action plans will be developed
  6. Consultant will be available for follow-up teleconferences as often as weekly
The brainstorming process takes one day, followed by a day for Dale to share his findings and discuss potential efficiencies and recommended opportunities.

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