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Dale Lind

Advancing your organization’s culture to ensure it is what you promise is the ultimate survive-and-prosper strategy. In this presentation, the key definers of culture (Leadership, Staff, Physical Environment and Service Attitude) are looked upon with an eye toward positive differentiation. As competition increases, dollars get tighter and the customer gets savvier, it becomes ever more vital to stand out from and above the pack. Ultimately, the question that must be answered is, “Why choose me?” In this session, you will learn how to answer that question clearly and effectively.

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify and quantify key customer needs and desires that affect your business
  2. Identify key areas to differentiate themselves from the competition
  3. Implement highly effective and inexpensive differentiation strategies
  4. Improve their ability to market to customers
  5. Increase employee satisfaction and improve their productivity
During the presentation, lecture, humor and real life examples will be interspersed with group activity. PowerPoint slides are available to highlight key points and help maintain focus.

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