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Khrys Kantarze, BS, MA

In todayís media driven world, our senses are continuously bombarded by negative images. Most of us are unaware of how these images influence our thought patterns that act on our subconscious mind. This seminar takes the voodoo out of subconscious principles giving participants practical techniques to use on a daily basis both personally and professionally.

In our society, we are taught to focus on the negative, which reinforces to the subconscious what we donít want. Learn to apply your subconscious mind to achieve your conscious desires.

There are proven principles that govern the way the subconscious part of your brain works. This seminar will teach you easy techniques to retrain your neuropathways in your personal self, and rewrite your quality indicators at work to establish new patterns to your life.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Have an awareness of how the subconscious mind interacts with the conscious mind and how our thought patterns impact our lives
  2. Implement more effective self talk and positive reinforcement of personal goals
  3. Develop Q.A. and other indicators based on the principles of how the subconscious mind interacts with the conscious mind and reinforce desired outcomes
  4. Restructure the way messages are delivered to focus on the desired performance
  5. Use visualization techniques for positive impact
This dynamic and introspective session will use lecture, group discussion, and visualization techniques to teach participants how minor changes in behavior and focus can produce major results.

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