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Khrys Kantarze, BS, MA

Healthcare facilities that achieve excellence have dynamic, motivated work teams that deliver a consistent level of quality. Understanding how this level of teamwork is created is pivotal to taking performance to the next level.

Sometimes our actions and words work against promoting positive teamwork in the work place. This dynamic and entertaining seminar is packed with the issues reported by facility staff during decades of one on one interviews with all levels of healthcare workers. The focus is on learning techniques to ensure you’re not making the common mistakes leaders make that create a division among the team members. From the spoken word to recognition, if done correctly, teamwork can flourish.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Implement an easy assessment tool to identify systems, processes, recognition programs and communication that may be contributing to an overall lack of teamwork
  2. Develop an awareness of leadership behaviors and create a personal plan of action to improve effectiveness
  3. Implement simple system changes that can have an immediate positive impact on the teamwork throughout the facility
If you’re tired of far fetched, sounds good on paper seminars, this practical session will enable you to walk away with something useful you can readily implement. This session will combine lecture, discussion, case study, questions and answers to deliver implementation strategies to the participants.

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