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Donna Manring DTR
As a dietary manager in healthcare, your position can be very rewarding, but not without its many challenges.  Indeed, budget concerns increases pressure and stress for a successful manager and they may feel like their fingers are “stuck in the dam” keeping all holes plugged.  

Healthcare dining trends and demands for customer service excellence require Dietary Managers to be more creative and efficient at cost analysis, food presentation and food selection choices, just to name a few. By mastering 7 proven characteristics that winning Dietary Manager professionals share, they can reduce their workload, increase team enthusiasm, sharpen their organizational skills, confidently delegate to team members and sharpen leadership skills necessary to survive in management. Discover how using flow charts will assist in determining department strengths and areas needing improvement. Learn how to give clear direction resulting in comprehensive communication and empowered
team members.

This session provides career enhancing, dining focused educational material to ensure Dietary professionals succeed in this fast paced department.
At the completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  1. Implement applicable proven approaches to improve their prioritizing and organization skills which will also contribute to reduced stress and improved strategic thinking.
  2. Immediately provide employee training and delegation of appropriate duties to team members which will also improve their team accountability.
  3. Track employee performance and identify departmental needs using checklists, flow charts and worksheets.
  4. Lead and motivate departmental teams utilizing action plans and increased committed team participation.
This program will enhance the leadership and management skills of Dietary Managers and provide 7 Key strengths for them to master. Attendees will participate in facilitated group discussions, interactive exercises, and receive checklists and worksheets to track department performance.

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