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Greg Efta

If we could show you how to save $200,000 in cold, hard American cash, would you listen? That's what the average nursing home is tossing out the window of its human resources office in turnover costs each year! Nearly 90% of that money is just plain wasted. Secrets of the Simple Six unleashes the power of retention that virtually every organization can implement. Long attributed to "the nature of the beast", turnover is NOT inherent in long term care. If it were, then how do you explain those organizations with turnover below 25%, in a profession where turnover AVERAGES nearly 90%? They've harnessed the "Secrets of the Simple Six".

  1. Eliminate the myths of turnover in long term care from the organizational culture.
  2. Understand the root causes of turnover and what to do about them.
  3. Develop a retention program which implements the Secrets of the Simple Six strategies.

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