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Greg Efta

Motivational! Energetic! Funny! Greg takes a humorous look into people’s lives and tries to understand why people choose to live the way they do sometimes. He takes some very basic concepts, those we learned in grade school, and uses them to illustrate these life choices. While we may not be able to control the situations we face (Greg calls these “words in our life’s sentence”), we do control how we react to those situations (“punctuating our lives”).

Addressing serious issues such as stress, unhappiness, fear of change, negativity and frustration are not always fun. Greg uses passion, humor, enthusiasm and real life stories about each of these to illustrate how we can all control our reactions to challenges and “Punctuate” our lives as exclamation points!


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to do the following:
  1. Minimize stress using a specific five-step plan.
  2. Address procrastination and eliminate “waiting”.
  3. Understand the steps to effectively implementing change in their lives.
  4. Identify and respond to the two types of negative behavior.
  5. Take the challenge to make a bad day better.

? "The Question Mark" Dealing with stress, worry, and fear.
, "The Comma" Looking for happiness is your responsiblity, it will not look for you.
. "The Period" Embracing change.
" "The Quotation Mark" Building relationships, breaking down interpersonal barricades to effective work and personal relationships.
: "The Colon" Dealing with negative people.
! "The Exclamation Point" Taking the challenge of making a bad day better.


"Punctuate Your Life!" will leave the participants with down to earth tips and techniques for dealing with those issues on a daily basis. It is a unique program full of genuine excitement, humor, and enthusiasm that can only come from a firmly rooted commitment to the principles Greg holds. Designed to last one to three hours, this program is a dynamic keynote but also makes for a fabulous and motivational half-day seminar!

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