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Greg Efta

“In 1975 my grand mother broke her hip. Because she was an insulin-dependent diabetic, used her stove to heat her house, didn’t take care of herself and refused to change her ways, my father, his brothers and his sisters made the painful decision to put grandma in a nursing home....” Thus begins Greg Efta’s story.

Greg has a real passion for what he does because he “touches” his story. He knows why he does what he does, and he believes that each employee of an industry truly has a reason for doing what he or she does.

Everyone has a “story”. This inspirational program challenges the participants to find their story... and USE IT! Greg not only shares his touching story, but he shows how he uses it daily to handle those challenges that we all must face. This source of strength is hidden in everyone. All we need to do is FIND IT.

Greg's passion and enthusiasm for what he does will:
  1. Inspire people of all levels to examine why they do what they do.
  2. Energize them to face the rigors of their professions.
  3. Encourage them to share their "passion" with others.
  4. Enlighten their positions with understanding and commitment.
  5. Eliminate "burnout" caused by loss of focus.
“Find Your Story” is more than just an uplifting program about how Greg overcame childhood fear, pain and guilt about his grandmother in order to work to find his story. It is a practical, down-to-earth method that Greg uses and encourages everyone to use whenever we find ourselves asking, “Why do I do this?” or “Is it worth all of this?”

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